Friday, October 31, 2014

Welcome to my Edgewalker Blog

Dear Reader,

My book Edgewalkers: People and Organizations that Take Risks, Build Bridges, and Break New Ground, was published on October 31, 2006 and immediately was listed as number 5 on the list of Best New Business Books.

Why the excitement?

Perhaps because more and more people are recognizing that the old systems and the old ways of thinking are not working for us.

This blog is a place where we can explore this "Edgewalker" concept that seems to be showing up in many places at once. I invite you to dialogue with me about why Edgewalkers seem to be emerging right now, why we need them, and what organizations can do to attract and retain them.

If you would like to learn about upcoming Walking on the Leading Edge workshops, please visit the Edgewalker Website.